RAS General Meeting. Day 1 - December 14, 2021

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The first day of the General Meeting of the Members of Russian academy of sciences was held on 14 of December in 2021. The participants of the general meeting and the audience of the online broadcast had a unique opportunity to listen to 40 scientific reports of leading experts, including foreign ones, on the topic for two days about the main topic of the last two years – the COVID-19 pandemic. The scientists told about the role of science in overcoming pandemics and post-crisis development of society", including not only medical, but also economic, social, psychological and other aspects.

The first day is devoted to fundamental medicine. Among the speakers are A.L. Ginzburg, D.Y. Logunov, A.A. Ishmukhametov, A.D. Kaprin, S.N. Avdeev, Alex Spyropoulos (USA), Alba Mendez Brito (Germany), Hiroshiga Mikamo (Japan), and many others.
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